Faculty of Mass Communication English Section, Radio and Television Department, Cairo University (MCCU), Egypt. (May 2015) Good Grade.




I joined Faculty of Mass comm. with a huge passion, to know more about Media. I use to read about psychology, History, and get into any piece of Art. That’s why I chose to study public opinion, Marketing, drama, and more in collage.

In MCCU I learnt how to create media, how to create an message to audience. It is not an easy process, and a real powerful tool nowadays. And I chose to specialise in radio and television broadcasting, to deeply understand my favourite movies and music.

I also assume that everyone should have an enough media literacy, in order not to stuck into abusive content. So I really consider Mass media a matter of life, not just a major.


UI & UX Design Diploma – YAT CENTRE (Jan. 2016)




Introducing HTML 5, Enable to efficiently use Photoshop CC facility and functionality in the context of web design. Introducing Adobe Dreamweaver CC & Muse CC.

For adding a dynamic element required for most website design recently, course incorporated Illustrator CC. As audio is become an integral part of many websites.

Course included Adobe Edge Animate CC, which is an easy to use sound editing application that is easy to use for those who aren’t audio specialists.