I don’t Facebook, I would like to Face A Book !.

Social Media Addiction has reached a real dangerous stage, if we notice. First thing we usually do once we wake up, is to check Facebook, Instagram,and Whatsapp Feeds. People spend around 2 to 5 hours on Social Media scrolling every day, depends on studies. We are in a real loss of actual life, and in a new technology war that effects our emotions by every mean…

How Facebook earn money out of free user accounts all over the world?

Facebook and all other social platforms are mainly collecting your data, starting from your interests, liked pages, following celebrities, and private messages, and all reactions or behaviour on content of website. This can not be so dangerous for usual people I know. However If you think about it from other perspective you gonna run away. Those websites are increasingly sale for you, everything litterly became paid on Facebook. So you’re targeted, and will be integrated as someone you don’t know wants…

What are you missing while scrolling Facebook?

You do miss reality !. Everything thing on Facebook is fake, it is electric platform. We can’t bulid point of views, hate or love people according to their Facebook accounts content. Mass media is so tricky, and has the power to switch public opinion in less than 24 hours. You need a wider vision, a real one, and a quiet decision out of fixed meanings not many well written posts.

What do you will realize after 14 days without Facebook?

You will find Facebook taking such a huge time and focus out of your daily routine, when you stop scrolling as usual. You will remember the delyed tasks, and to have more eye contact with your family. You will find backbone less paining, and a much less headache. You gonna sleep better, and have more focus in work and study. Your mood will be more stable, and you probably won’t have extreme reactions to many things as before.

At last it is your life, and this is just an invitation to see a real world out of streotyping ways of communication for our generation. Try to find better ways doing things, try to be more effective. 🎁👀

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