And this is what I most loved about us.,

I haven’t experienced a thing more than being in different companies. After all these years, I’m here, and this is what I most loved about us.,

Sharing joy and spend wonderful times, is an equal priority to support each other, and pushing forward. We can’t find someone perfect, we can’t ourselves be perfect creatures. And guess what, being perfect is not the key!. you won’t be interested to be with someone typically right all the times, will you?!!

I love where I find acceptance to my differences, no judges, and loving kept. I belong to these smooth friendships, when we all here for us, and it will always be OK, if you wanna be alone for a while. I don’t mind fighting -remember we are not perfect- and I figure out limits in our fights. This is my extend friend, this who I am when I get mad. If it is not OK with us, we go away in peace, we don’t hate or revenge..

I really appreciate friendships, and those who always help me to be better. I’m going to keep memories, and tell my children about these days. where I found support and reasons to continue this tough journey. 🎗⛄💕

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